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Review from a student who took M 303D
Avini isn't the greatest, but his class is a pretty easy A if you have taken Algebra II and Pre-Cal. It's well worth your time to go to class, because he gives extra credit (up to 12 points on test grades) for attendance. Unfortunately, he's not a good lecturer, and the TA corrected him at least once a week. Tests are multiple-choice, but he goes back and looks at your work for partial credit (up to 9 of 10 points back) and 10 of 11 questions count. There was a curve on two of our three regular tests, and he drops the lowest grade out of the three tests and the exam. Tests account for 90% of the grade, and homework counts for 10%. Completion is worth 90% of a homework grade, and the other 10% comes from correct answers - he drops several homework grades as well. If you go to class, make somewhat of an effort, get to know the TA and review for the tests, you'll come out all right in this class, but if you aren't comfortable with math, take another professor.
Review from a student who took M408C
This man wasn't exactly the world's most gifted lecturer but he really, really cared about his students. Being from a high school with a sub-par math track record, I went into Calculus scared out of my mind. After consulting with him over a few office appointments, he said that I could come by whenever in the mornings to get help on homework. He'd drop anything just to help you and I wish I had a lot more professors who would do that. He'd often crack jokes to lighten the mood and always paid attention to what the students had to say. He tailored curves so that we would still do well. I guess he was trying to compensate. Unfortunately, the man got terminated, which is such a shame. It just goes to show after 20 years of teaching at UT the value that the school places on its faculty.
Review from a student who took M 303D
If you have any concept of math (ex. High School Pre-Cal or Algebra) you will do fairly well in this class. There is a ton of homework, but trust me that doing the homework will help on the tests. And try taking the practice test he posts, its very reflective of the test you will be give. He gives tons of extra credit, mostly for attendence and all tests but 1 had at least a 15 point curve. He allows you to drop your lowest test grade including the final. Basically, for those of us not so inclined to higher level math, this was an easy class to get the required math credit out of the way. An easy A.
Review from a student who took M 316 K
He knows his stuff and math for elementary school teachers was fun and you learned alot. The class is supposed to be taught in a different manner, we dont have lectures, you learn by experimenting and figuring things out on your own. Kind of like children have to do. Thats the point. So people please dont get all pissy about his teaching method, the bassarear book tells him to do it that way.
Review from a student who took M480C
In 1991 I entered Dr. Avini's class and at the top of my lungs yelled "Let's get ready for Mostafaaaaaaa!" in the style of boxing announcer Michael Buffer. I wasn't arrested. Great professor.
Review from a student who took bus calc II
Did horrible. Took this guy for a business calculus class 20 years ago. Actually just now googled his name because it was the worst class I ever took in my life. Still haunts me. I sat in the front row in every class. I couldn't understand a word. I wish we had the internet back then - I wouldn't have done so miserably in the class. I don't understand why UT has foreigners with ESL teaching. If your English is bad, how are you going to teach math?

Grades given in courses taught by Mostafa Avini

When teaching M 303D

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 25% 27% 24% 13% 6% 6%

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When teaching M 302

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 25% 29% 22% 12% 6% 6%

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When teaching M 305G

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 21% 20% 19% 10% 8%

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When teaching M 408C

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 27% 22% 23% 11% 7% 10%

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When teaching M 316

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 40% 20% 35% 0% 0% 5%

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When teaching M 408K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 10% 29% 14% 10% 13% 23%

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