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ZoebAn Excellent Review Nishita. Once again, a brilliant write-upWhat I pelasnolry thought of this book was that it was, in every sense, the landmark Indian novel like Midnight's Children' was in the 1980s, that eventful decade. Adiga is a writer who deserves all the credit for taking on a tough story, a tall order of chronicling a driver-turned-entrepreneur rising from the squalor of poverty to the glamor of riches. Balran Halwai is clearly an unforgettable character- a man full of contradictions- he is heartless, crafty and corrupt but there is a reason behind his moral decline- it is the cut-throat attitude of everyone around him- from his employers to his fellow servants and others. The book is ultimately a powerful message that corruption at the upper levels will always be challenged by corruption at the lower levels. Completely worth the Booker Prize.

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