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Review from a student who took 408C
Dr Treisman is one of those teachers who actually likes teaching. He wants you to put in effort and if you can do that you will make a good grade. Though I admit the homeworks were hard and required the whole weekend to do. Our TA was awesome which also helped. He tries to know all the students by name etc. His tests are not that hard and if you can get alot of extra credit you will be exempt from the final which worked out great for me. His lectures arent that great but he tries to adapt and make his lectures better by the feedback he gets. Go to his office hours and put in alot of effort. Good luck
Review from a student who took M 408C
He has a lot of coursework, so be prepared to work very very hard. May be hard if you haven't had calculus before, but it's possible to do well. I didn't have high school calculus and had him for 408C my first semester. I still got an A, but it was hard work. He cares about students, tries to learn their names and cares about whether or not you have a good grade. Granted, his lectures can be off-topic, but its a good class otherwise. We had a good TA as well, so that helped.
Review from a student who took M408C and M408D
If you have a certain amount of points by the end of a semester,you are exempt from the final with an A for a final grade. I had him for both 408C and 408D, and was exempt both times. Yes, it was challenging, especially since I didn't have high school calculus, but he tries to help out with reviews and extra credit assignments and the like. Makes a good effort to know everyone's name, which makes the class more personal and interesting. Prepare to work, but its a worthwhile class.
Review from a student who took M 408c
Treisman's lectures suck. He has a ton of extra credit though, so it's nearly impossible to fail.
Review from a student who took M 408D
He's hard. And when I say hard, he's hard when he doesn't have to. Not everyone is a math major, yet he teaches the class as if though you were one. This class is pretty important later, but the stuff he goes over is asinine. The lectures don't even correlate to any of the graded stuff, such as the homework and exams. I can understand a professor not doing redundant computation on the board for a student by teaching interesting side topics. But if it's not going to be useful in the future and not even factored into your grade, why bother? Treisman knows his stuff, but there are so many other professors that teach calculus that teach to undergraduates so much better. Not worth the effort to get that A, so avoid if you have to.
Review from a student who took M408C
Treisman and Calculus almost pushed me over the edge my freshmen year. Do not take him if you struggle with math or are slower in learning the subject material. Don't take him if you're majoring in Economics either. The people who give him good reviews are people in Natural Sciences and Engineering because they need good preparation for their coursework. If anything, you, as a non-math major, should be taking other, easier to understand professors. I'm a junior now and still struggling with Calculus because of him and the poor TA he had.
Review from a student who took M 408C
This is a hard class no matter what, so you might as well take somebody who will actually take time to teach you. I think his class was the only one I've taken in college where the teacher actually made an attempt to learn our names, not an easy task for a class with over 70 kids. His tests are tough, and there's a lot of homework, but I would definately recommend him. You'll learn something.
Review from a student who took m 408c
Treisman is a really cool professor, one of my favorites. He really wants his students to succeed so if you're having trouble, just attend one of his office hours and he will really help you out. His lectures are a bit worthless but you have to attend bc he gives in class quizes, however, sometimes he goes over homework. Course work is heavy and there is ALOT of learning on your own. Also, his tests may seem very difficult, but there are many ways to make test grades up. You can do extra credit and he also lets you retake the exam to get 1/2 the points you missed back. I got a 120/200 on a test and because of bonus questions and resubmitting my test, my final score was a 192/200. If you haven't taken calculus before, this course may be very hard and Friedman might be a better choice but to get an A in this class without previous knowledge isnt impossible either. are exempt from the final if you have an A in the course and he writes differnt finals that you can choose from. Theres an easy version for kids who have failing grades and just want to pass and the regular version, which if you get an A on, he gives you an A in the course. I really reccommend him if you plan to keep up with the work.
Review from a student who took M408C, M408D
I think people are too hard on Prof. T. He's a good man who is very interested in student progress. Yes, his lectures suck, but he does everything in his power to make sure that as many students as possible get A's. A lot of people are saying that his workload is outrageous, I don't think so. I think it was fair for this kind of class. And trust me, there is TONS of extra credit. You get extra credit for study groups, tutoring at UTLC, going to his reviews, various problems he gives out in class, and the list goes on. I personally don't know how anyone can manage NOT to get an A. He does pick favorite in his lectures though, always girls. But if you're a guy, don't worry, he doesn't grade you any differently. He probably just won't talk to you as much before class. If you're good at math, TAKE HIM!! Especially if you are a math major, if he finds you promising he will do his best to help find internships, jobs, etc. that will help prepare you for a career.
Review from a student who took M408C & D
If you came to college to get good grades, forego a quality education, and basically just get a degree to make the big money, then take everyone else?s advice and go take some blow off professor who hands out A's. But if you are actually here to gain from the _experience_ of college, take professors like Triesman. Yeah, it's work, but if you are Natural Science or Engineering then you will thank yourself later for taking his class. I'm not a math major and I loved his class. I wasn?t a suck-up either. I probably talked to him once. I thought his lectures were great, sure every once in a while he will make some cheesy joke. Here is one of the few professors left that actually genuinely enjoy teaching, which is especially hard to find in lower level classes. So if you're paying for more than a piece of paper then take Triesman and come out being able to teach calculus to a grade-schooler. He is one of those teachers that will make you find a love for math (*gasp*) that you never thought you had.
Review from a student who took m 408c
He picks favorites so u have to kiss his ass. Do all the homework and do good b/c its a good bit of your grade. Try to get all the extra credit you can because that will help you in the end, b/c the tests and homeworks probably wont. Just give a real honest effort in his class. Do not slack off.
Review from a student who took m408c
Treisman is a cool guy and really wants his students to do well. He gives incentives and extra credit, butthe workload for this class is outrageous. Don't slack off on the homework. His lectures are pretty boring and seldom helpful, so get ready to learn on your own or go to office hours regularly. To get an A youve gotta work your butt off, do all the homework, get as much extra credit as you can, and pray hard before your tests. He distributes grades on a point system, so if you have enough points you can be exempt from the final. It's not easy, but its very possible. I was exempt and thank goodness, because from what I hear his final was impossibly hard. If I had to advise for or against taking him, it would be against. It's just too much work.
Review from a student who took M 408c
Take Treisman if you are willing to work for your grade, the reason being that his tests are IMPOSSIBLE. They consist of 4-6 problems that are beyond introductory difficulty. If you haven't taken calculus before, you will struggle in this class. However, on the bright side, you can shoot for unlimited amount of extra credit if you haven't taken calculus before. Ways to earn extra credit would be going to review sessions, answering his questions in class, get one-on-one tutoring, and such. I haven't taken calculus before and made a 49 on his first test, but with extra credit and test corrections, I have a 91 average overall. His lectures are extremely futile so only go if you think there is a quiz periodically. Most of all, DO HOMEWORK (like 30-40 problems/wk), as they do account for 20 or so percent of your grade. Good luck.
Review from a student who took iDzUloAKovKHsCjBmz
V8qYZu You have made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for more information about the issue and found most people will go with your views on this site.

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When teaching M 408C

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 33% 17% 26% 8% 10% 6%

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When teaching M 396C

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

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When teaching PA 388K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 95% 0% 0% 0% 5% 0%

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When teaching M 408D

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 45% 11% 15% 9% 13% 8%

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