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Review from a student who took ECO 420K
She was a great professor! Her lectures were extreamely easy to follow. YOu should do the homeworks becuase her tests and quizzes questions are very simliar to them. For our class she's giving out 30% A's and 60% B's
Review from a student who took ECO 302
Prof Boyarchenko has a vast experience in both free and restricted markets, and served on several advisory boards in the former USSR and Russia. At first, I had a hard time understanding her, but after the first couple of weeks, I got used to her accent and was able to get past it. She routinely leads in-class discussions that relate economics to real-life situations instead of just teaching from the book. She was always there for her office hours, and was happy to answer questions -- but you need to be prepared when you approach her. Make sure you know your stuff, because if you don't she'll call you on it! :-) Overall, I had a great time in her class, and would certainly take a class from her again.
Review from a student who took ECO 420K
Her tests are a breeze if you can do the homework. Plus there are only 2 tests and a final, and a lot of the final comes from the first two tests. Homework is pretty easy and you can submit online instead of turning it in the TA each Friday. The only downside is that her lectures are quite boring. She herself is a great person (very pragmatic and understanding) but the lectures were pointless. The only reason people showed up was the chance of a pop quiz (she gave out 4 during the entire semester). Take her for ECO 420K! It's the best option!
Review from a student who took NBmKPbhlHubiMarRsXE
79GWUY Thanks so much for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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