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Review from a student who took MAN320
He was one of the best professors I've had. He has a holistic view in teaching his management course. Probably due to his background in sciences and several companies he has helped start. In addition to his unique way of teaching the class (through projects and examples), he is quite enthusiastic in helping the student in any other matter and encourages visiting him during office hours. Fantastic professor.
Review from a student who took MAN336
This professor is quite a character. He is very enthusiastic about his work outside and within the university. He has helped start several businesses and is well-versed in the sciences. This makes him an astounding business professor since he takes a well-rounded approach in teaching his student management skills. Most certainly the best professor I have had, and a great mentor.
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He is one of the worst lecturers I ever had the misfortune to encounter!

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