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Review from a student who took psy 308
I had Psy 308 with her (biopsych). She does research on cocaine and addiction circuits... so she paid a lot more attention to her area of expertise. The tests were based mainly off the material in the notes, so going to class was helpful. The material covered and the tests were pretty easy. She's very nice.
Review from a student who took PSY 308
4 50 question multiple choice tests, that is a huge plus. Still, they aren't that easy and you'll have to know the material to do well. She grades based on the average of the highest 3 grades in the class and uses that as the 100. I didn't find lectures that useful but I guess I gained familiarity with the material, still relied on book for my real studying. Oh, she does often ask test questions from lecture so for that reason you might want to go. A LOT of neuroanatomy and pathways--not easy. Aside from that it is psychology and then some. Interesting reading except for neuroanatomy. Dr. Alcantara is young and lively and seems nice. This class is all (easy) memorization. I recommend it; with a decent amount of studying you will get an A.
Review from a student who took PSY308
She is a neurologist, so you can imagine that her lectures are NOT intended for an audience of beginners. It is an into. class, but her class, I felt, was designed for upper-level students. She expected us to know all these different brain parts and functions the first day. She is a great lady and fairly easy to work with, but her scientific-side comes out before her teaching-side. It's a lot of vocab. and more, so if you don't have to take it, I would possibly look elsewhere. I know some people had no problem with the class though, so it's your call.
Review from a student who took PSY 308
I think that if you take this course, you will parts of it totally fascinating, while other parts tedious and boring. Here is my epic story: I thought I was a hotshot and could skip class and ace the test just by studying the textbook. I got a 63 on the first test. (Whoops!) So from then on, I went to every class, sat in the front row, and took great notes. I studied my ass off for the next two tests and final. I think I had a number grade in the high 80s, and it was curved up to an A. The moral to the story: don't fuck up. Just go to class from the beginning, take pretty good notes, and you will do fine. Too many people skip class and try to read the book to catch up. It doesn't work. The stuff that you need to know for the tests is pretty basic, the book goes into too much detail and it will burn you out if you try to study from it. Anyway, Alcantara is pretty cool and the class is interesting, but keep in mind that there is a pretty decent amount of brain anatomy and neural pathways that you must learn about, so if you are very antsy about science stuff, it may not be for you.

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