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Review from a student who took ASE 367K
Abusali isn't an atrocious professor but he is quite bad. His lectures are extremely dull and uninspiring. He teaches by teaching out of the textbook nearly verbatim. He will draw the same sketches and say the exact same things you read in the chapter for the homework. Abusali never has any insightful things to say on the material but merely appears to be a physical medium that the textbook can manifest itself as to write on the board. The majority of the homework is spent flipping through the textbook looking for equations that you can use to solve the problems. I never felt like I truly understood flight dynamics. I merely flipped through the textbook and tried to find a derivation or a set of equations that I could manipulate. I never understood the physical meaning or significance of what I was doing. Abusali's tests are quite difficult. He will often rewrite the homework problems but ask you to solve in a different coordinate axis or ask you to find something that you weren't asked on the homework. The class is made even more difficult due to the fact that there is no cheat sheet and hardly a real equation sheet. For a class that relies on using many equations Abusali won't give you much of anything. If you go talk to him about it he'll tell you to derive them yourself.

Grades given in courses taught by Abusali

When teaching ASE 372K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 31% 45% 19% 5% 0% 0%

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When teaching ASE 366L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 53% 29% 12% 3% 0% 3%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 2.00
Grading Fairness: 2.00
Lecture Quality: 1.00
Overall: 2.00

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